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Finally with Forgotten Dungeon 2 comes another great free hack n slay game. There are rumours and legends told about a long lost dungeon. According to the tales it holds unimaginable treasures. Ages ago warriors and adventurers tried to plunder it but all of them failed. Legendary weapons and items are burried it in. Long forgotten monster races and very powerful sorcerers are roaming around and are posing a challenge for every hero who dares to enter into the abyss. Now as the evil is coming out of the darkness to bring havoc to land their leader captures you wife and brings her into the dungeon. Save here and defeat the forces of evil!

At start you will have to choose out of 3 different classes: warrior, sorcerer or archer. The warrior is a very archain fighter who will heavily rely on his physical powers in a battle. The sorcerer on the other hand will be very strong in using magical abilities. The archer is somewhere between both extremes. You can deliver long range attacks with his bow and arrow. Destroy your enemies and collect ex-points as well as weapons, shields, armor and other items. Level your character up and become powerful enought to face the demon in the final battle.


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